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Gastritis And Colitis

Guest ajlauer

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Guest ajlauer

I've been gluten-free for 2 days. Went to my "female doctor" today for birth control, and discussed the problems I've been having. He said it's classic symptoms of gastritis or colitis, and agreed that I need to see a GI. For those that have been diagnosed with gastritis or colitis, how do you treat it? My GI appt is in 5 weeks, and I can't continue to suffer like this. Also, is there a way (without testing) to guess the difference between those 2 things and celiac disease? I talked to the nurse about the GI doc. She said she sees him, and he's very arrogant. He would only test me for celiac disease if *he* thinks I might have it. I don't want to run lengthy courses of treatment for gastritis and colitis, if celiac disease is what I really do have. So any info as to how to tell the difference, and how to treat the other 2 things, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everybody!

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You need to see a GI doctor. Your doctor you just saw told you it sounded like gastritis and colitis...he didn't know correct? It could just be celiac...or the others. I would just wait to see the GI doctor and see what he says you have.Is there another GI doctor you could get in to see quicker? Also having your husband call might do the trick. My mom set up an appointment once and they gave us the closest time of about 3 weeks...my dad called back and said I was really sick and needed to come in asap...2 days later I was in. I think they take it more from a guy for some reason <_< but it works :D


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