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About a year ago, I was diagnosed with IBS. (Never tested for celiac.) Nothing has helped my IBS. I have tried dietary differences, medicine, and I am not under stress. I have began to play with the idea that I could have celiac. (As you know, the symptoms of IBS AND celiac disease are so similar!)

I don't have insurance and it's the most frustrating things. I do not have the means to get tested. So I thought I'd begin a gluten free diet and see what happens. I have been on it for 10 days and have seen NO difference. I don't think I'm getting accidental gluten into my body. I know many people take a while to start feeling better, but I'm just frustrated because there's no other way of me knowing if I have this because I can't get tested. I'm frustrated that all my dietary changes could end up being for nothing. :( I know having celiac disease is not a good thing, but at least if I figured out what causes me pain every single day, at least I could work to make myself feel better (even without meds!)

How about enterolab? I have heard about this. Is it legit? What would it test for exactly? There are many test options, which one is the cheapest one I could take that would still help me figure this out?

I just want to feel better. :(

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Maybe start with the $99 dollar gluten sensitivity test at enterolab, and depending on the results, decide if you want to do more testing. I believe it checks your stool for gluten anti-bodies. I don't have very much money, nor is my insurance that great, but I opted for the the complete panel ($369) and I believe it was well worth the money.

Believe me, I know getting tested for stuff is costly, especially without insurance. Good luck.

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