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Blood And Biopsy Results

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Hi, All

I went for blood testing last week and my tTg was at a high value of 24. However, my Endomysial Iga was lower than the 1-10 ratio, whatever that means. Not surre if both need to be positive for for diagnosis. Today I had my EGD to confirm the diagnosis, and after the procedure the doctor gave me some pics and said she is not going to officially diagnose me until the biopsy results come back, but she said she would report that my villi in the duodenum was "less prominent and blunted." What does that mean? Can't she just have said in her past eperiences as a GI specialist that, yes you have the disease? I just get frustrated as to why there is hesitancy in telling me, "Yes, Matthew, you do have Celiacs.

So I ask the forum: Is it safe to say, yes I have Celiacs?

Also, is there a way I can see a picture of a healthy duodenum on line and compare it to mine? Thanks!

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After doing some more reading, I think I've found my answers! Disregard this post! THanks you!

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