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Do any of you experience abdominal pain if you don't take probiotics for a few days in a row?

I went away last week and forgot my probiotics. I didn't take them for about a week. The last 3 or 4 days of that week, I started feeling a gnawing pain in my lower left abdomen. Also, I felt bloated. It wasn't a stabbing pain really, but it hurt enough to keep me from exercising. I felt hungry but my stomach felt so full I didn't want to eat much. I thought that maybe I ate gluten, but this has never been my symptom (usually it's D, gas, gurgling, etc but definitely never this kind of pain).

I bought more probiotics about 2 days ago and since I started taking them again, I haven't felt any pain. Could it be that the lack of probiotics caused this pain? And what exactly does that mean? Am I always going to have to take probiotics to even out the bacteria?? That seems crazy that without adding good bacteria, my body isn't regulating itself?? Any ideas? Thanks!

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