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Ive not been well a few years now but got worse two years ago with right sided spasm on my body.

Ive had biopsy, 7 blood tests but have been on and off the diet..However, I also have a low TSH, Low t3 and low t4, they have just found i have high androsteninone (male hormone), Low tesosterone (but cysts on ovaries), low DHEA, Low Estrogen

I also have big probelms with food and normally follow gluten free, fruit free, low gi veggies, candida type diet but find i do best with hardly any carbs..

Ive been down as sick of waiting Iam being investigated for cushings, thyroid scan and pituitary stuff..

So, Cheated agin on diet ate toast last night and sugar puffs.

Today feel like have hangover, very moody swollen hard belly (always got belly fat) all my normal symoptoms..but what i wanted to ask about is:

When i do cheat i notice Iam very dry down below, when i got aroused it was very painful and ive had this everytime ive eaten wrong!! I dont have a libido oftern any way but it felt as though my bits down tehre were trying to work but its was causing really bad pain inside around the bone of vagina..can this be something from gluten or do you think its candidas from my hormone stuff

:( Thanks for listening Iam worried

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I hate to throw another autoimmune condition at you, but your bloodwork and cysts sound like PCOS. You might read up about it, and see what your doctor thinks. This wouldn't rule out celiacs, but a lot of cysters also have trouble with carbs and grains, and a low card diet helps treat the symptoms of PCOS. A good site is soulcysters(dot)net. I wrote it out so that the spam warning bot won't take the site away. Good Luck!

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oh yes, if you haven't seen an ob/gyn to discuss PCOS, absolutely do!

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Thanks for your replies. I dont have PCOS. I do have cysts on my ovaries but have been tol dI dont have it and also my tesosterone is low, estrogen low, dhea low..my skin isnt greasy its dehydrated, thin I do get spots / boils but not greasy skin.

So, it just dont add up..

Barts have mentioned Cushings food induced or maybe cycling cushings also need thyroid scan and parathyroid tests or something..

I just wondered if any one on here knows what could cause High Androsteninone (male steroid hormone)..

Maybe my food problems are just all hormonal then i know it upsets the balance..maybe my problem is more candidas..


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