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Newly Diagnosed With celiac disease And Still Feel B A D ! Help

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Hi Nancy

I'm not sure if you area white bread eater or a more earthly type of bread eater . I'll guess & pick white? Am I correct? Again, its better to focus on wha tis good gluten-free that you can swallow rather then dwell on the no no's.

Pamela's has a good bread mix. whole foods has gluten-free breads that will work . I love their sun-dried garlic tomato bread for grilled cheese. Smoked gouda & another favorite Yummy!

Three sisters is a new company & have a very good white bread . It was a hit at our seminar.

Udi's is a fast becoming favorite of many.

BiAglut pasta is the best

DePumas have high-end tortellini, & ravioli ( like served in finer restaurants)

Conte's is very good & pricing is way better.

Everybody eats has baguettes, & ficeille rolls for Italian nights.

Joans gluten-free great bakes has NY style bagels & eng muffins & pan pizzas that so many love....

These are a few of my favorites.

We like earthly breads so I'm a big fan of Anna's mix.

But I do not eat the same bread ie: Italian night I use everybody eats,corn bread for chili night & so on. We are very picky & only eat the best available.

I love marketing & testing products. This was my living for mainstream companies for over thirty years...

I hope I've given you a few ideas to hopefully get you closer to better health.

I too, have strange illness' & super sensitive.....



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When I was eating any bread I wanted I liked Monk's white, raisin bread, and occasionally, the whole wheat. Wegmans makes a white bread that is similar to Monks, but I thought it was nicer. Sometimes I would get a crazy desire for Wonder bread if I wanted a PBJ or BLT on really soft bread. I also enjoyed sandwiches on hamburg rolls. I liked potato bread and preferred hotdogs on the New England style roll, which is pretty much like bread. This is the kind of roll that some Mainers insist is the only proper roll for a lobster roll, and it has to be toasted. I loved a good rye (no seeds) or pumpernickel, and also a good, crusty Italian or French bread. Of course, I had my favorite store or bakery for these items. Real enjoyment could be achieved only with the accompaniment of good, cold butter. Now, I would think I had died and gone to Heaven if I could find a bread like Wonder bread. Pathetic, I know. I just made Betty Crocker's chocolate chip cookies because many people have said they were really good. I won't make them again. I do find Pamela's bread mix the most acceptable, but the texture and flavor really detract from a sandwich. I don't think I am going to find acceptable gluten-free substitutes for any baked goods and there will come a time when I will just stop trying. I am waiting for a store about an hour away to call me when they get in some Gluten-Free Naturals Sandwich Bread Flour. I went to the New England Celiac Conference, just outside of Boston, on October 3. It was really well done--the speakers who addressed everyone in the morning, the small group discussions in the afternoon, and the large number of vendors who offered tons of samples. I tasted a sample of bread made with this flour and I thought it might be something I could get used to. It was just about to come out on the market and the vendor didn't have any for sale. I found a store within driving distance that carries Gluten-free Naturals and I asked the clerk to order the flour for me. She agreed and I am waiting for a call to come pick it up. If that doesn't work for me I really do need to stop buying expensive items and ingredients and give up on baked goods. I could probably be satisfied with home made pudding for breakfast. I never have eaten cereal for breakfast--no one in my family, or my ex's ate cereal for breakfast. Gee, he and I really did have something in common ;) If I could find gluten-free Rice Crispies made with white rice, and I liked the product, I could also make rice crispy treats for breakfast. I can't eat eggs every day because I am on a statin already to keep my cholesterol acceptable. Right now my test numbers are OK.

I might as well stop writing about my dislike of gluten-free baked goods. If I do write about them again it will be to say I found something I will actually make again. I envy those of you who either resign yourselves to some gluten-free foods never being like the real thing, or can actually like the substitutes. I would love to write in someday and say I feel better and the gluten-free diet is working for me. I will definitely stay with the diet until the first of the year and I may decide to continue it until I see the MD again in May


I really am an ISTJ (Myers-Briggs Personality Type).

Responsible pet owners spay and neuter.

Please Google prosopagnosia, a neurological deficit also called facial amnesia or faceblind. Yup, I have it.

Poor me--gluten free.

I'll have a grilled cheese sandwich--hold the bread.

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