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Mrs. P's Yeast Rolls

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The picture looks fantastic! :)

Have you made these or made any changes? What flours and variations did you try? Are they still good the next day? Thanks!


I just saw the recipe elsewhere using only 1/8 cup of sugar. Mine are in the process of being made.

Also do they freeze well?


My yeast wouldn't bubble so I had to start over.

I used mostly sorghum flour mix with plain white rice flour added, it took all 2 1/2 cups.

I divided dough into 2 balls, rolled out one for crescent rolls and with the rest, made rolls in a muffin pan, putting 3 balls of dough in each.

Mine took an hour or more to rise.

They are slightly crispy on the outside and oh so soft on the inside.


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I tried the recipe with domata flour mix and it turned out pretty well. I made some as crescent rolls and some divided rolls. the crescent rolls were wonderful. the divided rolls did not rise at all so i will be trying a second time i am sure

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