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Going gluten-free For "support"

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My household is mostly gluten-free. My two youngs sons recently diagnosed with celiac. We've been gluten-free about a month. Lunch and dinner are gluten-free. So I end up eating mostly gluten-free, though I occasionally have something with gluten (like cereal or sometimes a flatbread or something). But here's the funny thing, I'm eating super healthy - lots more fruits/veggies/protein, less starches. Rarely anything processed. And about a week and half after my son went gluten-free I started having digestive issues. I am running to the bathroom like crazy. I would think the increase would make me go the other way. It's just weird. Anyone experience anything similar?

By the way, I don't eat any dairy or soy. Partly because my breastfed daughter reacts to it and partly because I found I react to it too! I feel so good without dairy. I didn't even know how much it bothered me until I took it out.

Also, both my husband and I tested negative so we're still not sure which side the celiac came from. Plan on doing genetic test though. More to alert the rest of the family since we're all at the age of having kids.

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I find anytime there is a significant change in the diet it can cause some issues. I for instance, can't eat pears. For whatever reason, they just cause me all kinds of problems anymore. Apple juice can give me the runs. Legumes contstipating. Can't digest bananas...etc. So eating healthy doesn't always mean my body likes everything! Maybe you can see some patterns if you keep a food diary--or just limit your food choices and gradually add more things in. Just a thought :)

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