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How Long?

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I was just wondering how long it takes to feel normal again. Since starting the gluten free diet (2 weeks ago), my symptoms have improved greatly. But I still don't feel "normal". Some days will be fine but I still have those bad days where I just don't feel right. Did this happen to a lot of people? Am I doing something wrong?

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There is a withdrawal period and then your body is healing all that damage. I'm on week 3 and in the past 2 days I've felt normal. I'm still not 100% but I definitely feel more normal than I have in a long time. I think it also has to do with how sick you were at diagnosis. I was very ill, so I don't expect full recovery for awhile.

If you use the search function and put in withdrawals you can find lots of threads about it.

Hang in there. Make sure you aren't using soaps and shampoos and lotions with gluten in them. I resisted that, but when I made that change like 3 days ago I felt much better. The soap and lotion get into your mouth from your hands and the shampoo runs down your face and gets in your mouth. I was using a face lotion full of wheat and I'm sure it got on my lips and then on my food from my hands.

Actually I haven't found a good gluten free shampoo yet so I'm being really super careful to tip my head back and rinse it thoroughly. I need to use salon products and they are full of wheat. I'm looking into Aveda but haven't heard back from the company yet.

Also eat simply. I was trying all the gluten free goodies and my digestive system couldn't handle that yet.

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