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i was just hospitaliized for having acid reflux disease. ive had ard for over 10 yrs now and ive had 2 major surgerys to try and fix it. i had a tumor in my asophagus when i was 12 and at the age of 14 had another major surgery to remove the tumor again. well im getting off subject. i was having major pains i my stomach and chest and was hospitalized they went to do an endoscopy well i dont know why but they decided to go into my small intestine and take a biopsy. im scared that with all that is wrong with me so far that this is just going to push eerything over the edge. i havent gotten the results back yet but i have a feeling that i am going to be diagnoised with celiac disease. im already limited to what i can eat such as no milk products no citris and no tomatoes. im a huge pasta lover and i dont think ill be able to give it up. it makes me sick but im full blown italan and love it. im so confused on what to do. any help?

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keep eating pasta - but get the gluten free kind.

the diet is a major shift, but *once you get past the learning curve* it doesn't have to be that hard. you find the alternatives that work FOR YOU. and there are so many foods out there (which you probably haven't tried before, but could eat) that can taste excellent (even if they're not a substitute for what you know). take it one day at a time, and be patient with yourself. (and read lots of the posts here. :) )

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