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Gluten Free Flour? O_O

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Hey everybody!

I am a newbie and I am a little intimidated, but extremely excited I have finally found what's worng with me! I am wondering what kind of flour I can use to bake with? I'm not sure if I'm sensitive to wheat or not, but I know for SURE I can't eat gluten. I've read online that I could use gluten free flour to bake with? How does rice flour work?

Just curious! and I am so glad I found a forum filled with people like me, celiac disease can be kinda scary and isolating. Yay for forums! :D

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Hi kbug! Welcome to the group!

We use Pamela's Baking and Pancake mix for baking most things...you can order it off amazon for less than half the cost at natural food stores. If you use subscribe and save to have it delivered every few months or so you get it even cheaper! We've made delicious muffins, pumpkin bread, banana bread, waffles, and pancakes, and they've all turned out great! The recipes are all on the back of the package.

Eventually, as you get more comfortable with gluten free cooking you may want to find some individual flours, like rice, tapioca, and sorghum flours, and try to make your own concoctions, but if you're looking for a good baking mix/flour mix, Pamela's has a been a godsend to us!

Good luck, hope this helps!


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