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Frustrating Newbie Mistake

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Okay, I am still trying to source diffent gluten-free grains to mill at home. I was placing an order with Azure Standard and found teff from The Teff Co. I thought since it was from that company and not listed under the Azure grains, that it would be safe. No, I got it today and it had been repackaged by Azure. I called about it and she said that if it doesn't say gluten-free on it, then they can't guarantee it's gluten-free. It would be run on the same equipment to package all their other grains. Even the 25 lb. bag is a repackaged item. Arrgghh! Now I have 5 lbs. of teff I can't use. Maybe I can find someone who isn't gluten-free but interested in different grains to buy it from me. Doubtful, though.

Ah, chalk it up to experience, I guess. I'm just can't bring myself to pay that much shipping from The Teff Co.

Thanks for listening to my rant! LOL

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