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Absolutely Yummy New Snack

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I discovered a new snack that is absolutely delicious. Next to the Cheetos, look for Chester's Puffcorn by Frito Lay. The buttery flavour is the best. it is Gluten and Casein Free, Lactose Free, Kosher, Onion Free, 0g Trans Fat. They are buttery and popcorn tasting, and melt in your mouth the way Cheetos do, but without the cheese. They are also only 2.00 a bag. My husband who is not gluten-free and I finished off the entire bag watching Fringe a couple of days ago.

I now have a bag at work, and when the others are eating their snacks, I pull out my safe bag and munch along.

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Awesome! I was wondering about those. A lot of their other products make me react, so I would like to know whether they are made on gluten-free lines before I indulge.

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