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I received this reply today, to my query as to why brown rice was listed as "may contain gluten" on their site:

"Thank you for pointing this out. The software used did not pick up the punctuation and listings correctly. The Gluten-Free Quick Start Guide "Foods/products that may contain gluten should look like this

Foods/products that may contain gluten

Beers, Ales, Lager, Breading & Coating Mixes, Brown Rice Syrup, Communion Wafers, Croutons, Dressings, Drugs & Over-the-Counter Medications, Energy Bars, Flour & Cereal Products, Herbal Supplements, Imitation Bacon, Imitation Seafood, Marinades, Nutritional Supplements, Pastas, Processed Luncheon Meats, Sauces & Gravies, Self-basting Poultry, Soy Sauce or Soy Sauce Solids, Soup Bases, Stuffings & Dressings, Thickeners (Roux), Vitamins & Mineral Supplements

We are in the process of getting this corrected. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention."

Laurel Greene

Editorial Assistant

Living Without magazine


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Thanks for posting this and calling this to the attention of Livingwithout.

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I got the same reply. Like I tell my kids- re-read it! Don't rely on spell checks and editor programs.

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