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Back Again (This Time For My 3 Year Old)

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I was a member of this group about a year ago when I was being tested for celiac. My bloodwork and endoscopy/biopsies were all negative for celiac. However, there seems to be some level of gluten sensitivity, as when I reduce the amount of gluten in my diet, my GI symptoms (severe IBS) are considerably better.

Now, here I am back again, because my 3 year old son may have celiac.

In November, around his 3rd birthday, he started having large volumes of liquid stool each day (two - four PINTS of liquid stool) and making anywhere between 8 and 20 trips to the toilet each day. We did stool samples for parasites and bacteria (negative), eliminated milk, and then all dairy (no improvement), eliminated all juice and citrus fruits (no improvement) and did bloodwork and an xray. Unfortunately, at some point during this time, my son became slightly constipated and a ped. GI put him on laxatimes, which did not work and he ended up with a complete blockage four weeks ago which we resolved at home with enemas (followup xray shows blockage gone). He is being weaned off the laxatives the GI had him on and we are switching GIs because today, at our ped. appt. to discuss seasonal allergies and the ongoing GI issues, the ped. pulled out the bloodwork results (from MARCH) that the GI had sent him and said, What about this part of the celiac panel that came up positive for celiac??? HUH? the GI told me just last week the celiac bloodwork had been fine/negative. My ped. showed me the report and it said across from one number, "consider patient positive for celiac disease." All the other parts of the panel were fine. Could be lab error - at the very least we will be repeating it (when we get to our new GI).

So right now we are weaning off of the laxatives, and waiting for the new GI consult. If bloodwork again has a section that is positive for celiac, we will be going the endoscopy route to find out for sure.

I am sure I am going to have a lot of questions to be posting in the coming weeks.


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