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Developing A New Allergy?

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Somewhere, somehow, my daughter who cannot tolerate gluten or casein was exposed to one or both of those things about two weeks ago and had diarrhea and related trouble. We put her on a very simplified diet and she seemed to get better. We slowly reintroduced food that she normally eats. On the day she got her soy milk, she had bad diarrhea again. My husband is the one who noted this, so without being aware I gave her soy milk the next day with the same results. Does this sound like a potential soy allergy to you? Can a child all of a sudden be sensitive to something previously tolerated? Or, perhaps, was it just a bug? If it were a bug I don't know why we're having problems still after almost two weeks.

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Are you sure of the gluten/casein exposure, or could this just have been the beginning of the reaction? Soy is a common co-intolerance of those with gluten sensitivity and I would definitely recommend you discontinue it (try almond or hemp milk, or a rice milk as long as it is not Rice Dream) and see how she does - and eliminate any other source of soy as well.


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