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Ttg-Iga And Biopsy Question?

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Hi all,

I have a celiac ttg-iga blood test scheduled for next week. Also a biopsy after that. (I was IgE positive to gluten, simple allergy)

But, I was on a gluten free diet for several days, just to see if there's an improvement from my gastro-related problems (there was). After I was told that the test could prove negative while on the diet, I started again eating gluten for 5 days now (gastro-related problems worse). So to recap:

- Eating gluten all my life :)

- Five days gluten free

- A week back on gluten

- Blood test and biopsy

Can the blood test show negative results because of that one week gluten free?

Could the damage to the small intestine be healed during those 5 days?

Should I wait a bit more before I make the tests because of that?

Thanks a lot,


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I doubt it. I had a positive blood test for celiac 8/15, I had the endoscopy 8/31 and I stopped eating gluten when I got my blood test (I know I shouldn't have, but I felt so crappy I did). Looking back it wasn't 100% gluten-free though since there is so much to learn on the diet.

Anyway, my endoscopy was positive and I was given another blood test the day before the endoscopy and that one was even higher than the first one.

I doubt 5 days will make a difference in the tests.

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