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List Of Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid?

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Is there a list somewhere of which ingredients to avoid in cosmetics? They're never helpfully listed as barley wheat rye or oats, unfortunately.

I asked at a Bath and Body Works if they had a list of gluten free products. The manager told me no, but that she was celiac too and hardly has any problems. Then she told me how she eats at the McDonald's across the hall :o So I'm not sure about trusting her judgment.

I know I can call each brand, but I would be better off if I could just read an ingredient list.

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There are a few brands offering gluten-free cosmetics that advertise on this site. Two which come to mind are Afterglow, and Joelle.

Other than brands which state gluten-free or list all ingredients, I think you're going to have to call them. Though I'm sure some others have done so and can make specific recommendations.

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