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So, I've been gluten-free for a little over 4 months. After about 6 weeks, things were getting better. But, since I hit about the 3 month mark, I'm feeling like things are taking a turn for the worse. I'm very careful with reading labels, and our house is gluten-free. I have only eaten out once or twice. Diary does bother me, I try to avoid it, but have also cheated there on occasion.

Basically, I'm being plagued by the same stomach problems as before. Maybe not as often, but every few days it seems I have D with urgency several times a day. Earlier in my healing process, I had gotten to points where I'd have a week or two of good days. That hasn't happened in over a month!

What else can I do? Am i just stuck waiting it out? Can this happen in healing or is something wrong?

I just want to feel better!

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Some of us have other intolerances that become more noticeable when we have been gluten free for a bit. Have you tried eliminating soy in addition to dairy? We can also become more sensitive to trace amounts of gluten in some processed foods. If you are eating processed stuff you may want to try going with more whole foods for a while. Also be sure to check all scripts and supplements. Supplements with wheat and barley grass are not safe for us but can be labeled gluten free so do read the whole labels on them. You also should check your toiletries if you haven't already for gluten ingredients. Some can use gluten containing toiletries but many of us can't.

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