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After reading through this post, my husband's reaction makes more sense.

I've been reading a lot online about Celiac disease after getting my official diagnosis June 28, 2011. I'm noticing symptoms he has..Hashimoto's disease, restless leg syndrome, nearly fatal heart attack at age 53, depression, mood swings, osteoporosis, acid reflux, heartburn, and many more. He was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes too. I said maybe he should be tested for Celiac and he got REALLY angry! His sister has firbromyalgia and RA, lots of issues that fit the list, and his mother had many of the symptoms too.

Maybe he doesn't want to know, because it would mean diet restrictions he's not willing to change?

We switched to healthy fats, and whole grains after his heart attack. I notice he's not avoiding sweets since his type 2 diagnosis though. If I say anything about his huge oversized portions, going back for thirds, or choice of foods he gets mad. He's as stubborn as mule!

Tell him to make sure his life insurance is up to date.

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