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Help With Test Results

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Gliadin Ab IgA Value 4 Ref Range >20->20

Gliadin Ab IgG Value 39 Ref Range >20->20

tTg IgA Value 6 Ref Range >20->20

"False negative may occur in patients who are IgA deficient. Elevated IgG antibodies indicate that DH cannot be ruled out, although the specificity of the antibody is limited."

I don't have a clue what this means. Any thoughts?

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The elevated IgG means that there is a reaction going on. Doctors still mainly rely on the IgA though, as it's more specific. But the IgG is a dianostic tool, especially if you are low in IgA.

The two IgA tests are low, but your total IgA levels weren't tested, so you could be deficient in IgA which would affect the accuracy of the test results. Not sure why that wasn't added to the bloodwork, but something you need to discuss with your doctor to be tested for.

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