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Can Having Raised Ttg Can Be Caused By Candida?

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Just still reading, researching trying to work out / rule out any other cause of my high ttg.

Just wondering if a candida infection in my small intestine is commonly known to cause postive ttg in the bloods? A naturopath diagnosed me with systemic candida 2 years ago, and treated me for it. Back then my ttg was borderline, now it's positive. Cant imagine that the candida would be worse now though, but I guess maybe....

It does say arthritis can be associated with ttg, I wonder if people are celiac so they get inflammed and get arthritis, and this is what the Drs are seeing, or if just having normal arthritis really does cause a production of these autoimmune antibodies. I don't understand why it would though, unless it was the autoimmune arthritis. My knees seem to make some crunching noises, I guess that means I've got early arthritis, but I wonder why the body produces ttg to normal arthritis I wonder. That's why I was thinking that maybe all those people were actually celiacs?

Sorry, I know I'm fixating a bit, I'm just frusterated with waiting, and wondering. I'm doubting it because I didn't have the genes and can't get a look at what I do have. Sorry I'm harping on a bit.

So of ALL the reasona I can find for ttg, the only one that seems to relate to maybe me is arthritis. Or if candida can do it, if not then yes it must be celiac.

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