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Some More Results In

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I just had my biopsy taken (ie a few hours ago) and will get my results back next week, but he gave me a copy of the report.

It said that everything looked normal except that the 'Z line was abnormal at 40cms' and this was 'possibly from reflux'.

Does anyone know what a 'Z line' is?

He took the 6 biopsys but all looked normal. :unsure:

Anyway, I also got the results back from a faecal test which I'm hoping someone can explain to me.

I thought he was looking for malabsorption and this is what the report says.

Faecal Pancreatic Elastase

Faecal Elastase > 500 Ref range (>200) ug/g faeces

What was he looking for with this does anyone know, and does this mean mine was within normal limits?

I think I must be one of the pple who don't have celiac disease who get a positive blood test. since so far it's not looking good for a positive result.

Although my iron levels are ALWAYS low even on constant supplements, my B12 levels were ok. My folic acid levels were ok too, but then, Ive been on folic acid due to being fertile and married etc.

From what I've read on here and heard from celiac's the GI can usually SEE the damage and see white patches etc when doing the gastroscopy.

Thanks for your help.

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From what I understand the endo can have a 30% false positive rate. It cannot always be seen so thats a misnomer. They can only takes samples from a short section like 6 inches but damage could be elsewhere along the 20+ feet of intestinal track. So if you have antibodies most people will just go gluten-free & retest the blood every 6 mths if the antibodies decrease to normal limits then you know you are on the right track.Theres also a new article that was just posted a few dys ago that stated a minimum of 8-11 samples should be taken. I'm sure if you look under article thread you can find it.

Can't offer anything on yr othr tests but Im sure someone will come along who can,

Good Luck!

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If you had positive blood work you have celiac no matter what the results of the biopsies are. There is a up to a 30% false negative rate on both blood and biopsy so if one is positive it is positive.

The doctor can't tell by just looking at the tissue that was biopsied whether it is positive or negative. It needs to be looked at microscopically. Hopefully you are now doing a strict trial of the diet as with positive blood work you do have celiac or gluten intolerance.

Courage does not always roar, sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying

"I will try again tommorrow" (Mary Anne Radmacher)

Diagnosed by Allergist with elimination diet and diagnosis confirmed by GI in 2002

Misdiagnoses for 15 years were IBS-D, ataxia, migraines, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, parathesias, arthritis, livedo reticularis, hairloss, premature menopause, osteoporosis, kidney damage, diverticulosis, prediabetes and ulcers, dermatitis herpeformis

All bold resoved or went into remission in time with proper diagnosis of Celiac November 2002

 Gene Test Aug 2007

HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0303

HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0303

Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 3,3 (Subtype 9,9)

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