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Hello everybody.

Digestive problems run in my family (dad died from esophageal cancer at age 59) brother and I have both struggled with heartburn/bloating in our lives. Two months ago I went in to emergency after two years of fatigue, 3 months of inability to sleep, a few weeks of nightly bloating,heart attack/gerd syptoms and apparent panic attacks. Diagnosis was GERD.

Prescribed Protonix, didn't help.

two weeks later another doctor wanted to treat me for anxiety disorder.

two weeks later I had an upper GI, colonoscopy, gallbladder ultrasound, stress test, etc., all normal.

a week later I received samples of nexium and started accu-flora pro biotics. HELPED!

I demanded vitamin D and celiac blood work. surgeon ordered gallbladder tests.

vitamin D was low, Gallbladder at only 34%, and IGG ABS was a 20... (as I understand it 1-10=normal 11-17=nominal 17+= positive). My Mother also was tested and after eating nearly zero gluten for a couple weeks was a 13.5.

I started the gluten free diet two weeks ago, and generally feel much better, but I have also been on prevacid as well and still taking accu-flora and extra vitamin D.

I fall asleep within 10 min of hitting the pillow, and have normal energy again.

occasional hint of bloating. I actually enjoy the gluten free diet (except that I am a fan of imported beers and bourbon).

I don't feel like I have a good medical resource around me (for this), I have had to guide my doctors and do my own research.

I meet with a dietitian soon.

Other than to give my story and say hello, I would love if anyone can shed any more light on all of this for me, or point me in a direction.



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Hi, and welcome. Isn't it nice to sleep?

It will take your body some time to heal and build up nutritional stores again. Just make sure your doctors are keeping an eye on iron, vitamin D, B12, and calcium. Also be aware that some celiacs have thyroid trouble, so if you're getting run-down ask for a thyroid test.

You will likely be able to drink bourbon. Distilled spirits do not have detectable gluten, so only the most sensitive celiacs react. The gluten stays behind in the mash when the whiskey is distilled. I drink single malt scotch without any trouble.

As far as beer, I'd recommend Green's Gluten Free beers. I've found them at big chain liquor stores.


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