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I'm looking at the results and I don't see all the recommended tests. There is a whole list of things but what I think pertains to celiac are as follows:

I'm typing exactly what my paper says.

IgA (latest ref rng 68-378) 188

Tissue Transglut Ab (latest ref rng 0-19) 13

I started feeling bad again yesterday after several days of relief, thinking of trying to cut gluten regardless of these results.

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There are a few other tests that they should have run, maybe they aren't back yet. If you plan on any other testing for celiac, more blood tests or the biopsy then don't go gluten free yet. If you are done with testing a strict trial of the diet is always in order no matter what the test results are because of the high rate of false negatives.

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These are all the test that were run. I'm not going to push the issue, at least for now.

Four days ago I started doing my best with my limited experience to avoid gluten. Since then I've had only one short bout of cramps daily, and normal BM's the last two days! I'm amazed, but I realize it's way to early to know for sure if it is gluten or something else. But, not thinking, I ordered fries in a restaurant, likely fried in oil with breaded items, and started cramping immediately after, with a wave of exhaustion. But, luckily, was able to shake it off pretty quickly.

So, looking at my test results (earlier in this thread) do you think it shows gluten sensitivity?

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