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2 Things My Child Is Type 1 And Iodine Patch

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I didn't want to start several different post so I figured I would combine these two things.

First off My son who is now 14 is a Type 1 Diabetic has been since he was 5 I'm guessing his father and I are both the Gene carrier at this is hereditary and I thought I read somewhere that both parents pass this to their child. My question is because we are Type 1 gene carriers does that mean both of us could possible carry the Celiacs gene? ( Just trying to educate myself)

The other thing is yesterday I had a stupid moment and decided I was going to try the iodine patch test, well let me tell how I injured myself after about 2 hours with that iodine soaked bandage my skin was burning and itching and it formed several small blisters what the heck did I do now. I have more places on my arm to heal. I seriously thought I would have a small skin reaction and it would go away as soon as I cleaned off the iodine. I should read more carefully.

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