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It Was My First Time Today With Horrible Cramping And Diarrhea. I Nearly Wrecked The Car.

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My problems have been anxiety, abdominal pain, and constipation. I never had the really urgent need for a bathroom, quite the opposite.

I have been back to a gluten and dairy free diet now for a little over a week.

Today at a family picnic I just felt so much tension and anxiety. I did not consume any gluten and cross contamination if it occurred had to have been minor. I am not overly sensitive as when I had to return to eating gluten my symptoms took some time to show back up after ingesting quite a bit of gluten.

Well I had to just leave I felt panic and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom so I left.

Driving home I felt the anxiety leave. But I felt increasingly like I had to go, and quick. I never in my life feel like this, usually quite the opposite.

Anyway, I could barely even continue driving. I was alone in the car and the cramps hit me and I could not even sit still. I was minutes from home and started to panic as I could not take it for even another second.

Fortunately I made it, but it was close. I have to say this was my first experience like this extreme. Yes I had diarrhea although not extremely watery and did feel relief and I did notice the strattorhea that people talk about.

I must say I hope this is a sign of healing. . Phew. . For those that had these symptoms previously I feel for you, I thought chronic constipation was bad.

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Welcome to the forum, daddy.

Sorry, there is no "minor" cc or gluten ingestion. Either/or will kick you hard, just like you described. Potlucks and picnics are fun when you bring your own food. You really cannot trust what other people bring, even beloved family members with the very best best intentions.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I was constipated before gluten free. For about the first year if I got glutened I would become constipated. Then my symptoms changed. I got chronic D and steatorrhea. I would not want to leave the house for fear of an accident. I later (8 months later :( ) realized I was reacting to gluten free oat contmination in gluten free products. Now if I get glutened I get the D and steatorrhea and it takes a good 1-2 weeks of eating bland and taking creon to get back to normal. I understand what you mean about thinking the constipation was bad. I think my new reactions are worse! :P

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