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I have been gluten-free now for two weeks. I have not eaten out but maybe twice and very particular with the waiter and off of a gluten free menu. Today my family went out for Labor day and I went to a place I had been before. They weren't busy, I ordered off the gluten free menu, but before I left the restaurant I was in the bathroom twice with D and horrible stomach cramps and pains. I have never had pain like this before. Could it be "cross contamination" or hidden gluten ? I know it was not food poisoning as my husband shared it with me and is fine. He is not celiac, but likes to eat like he is to make me feel better :)! Just wondering if this is what it is like to be glutened? If so I am definitely going to be a lot more paranoid about eating out from now on! UGH What a miserable feeling. And how long will this last? I didn't think my body would react so negatively to gluten just two weeks out? I am so glad I have all of you to ask questions to as the docs just say maybe so to everything. LOL

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Yea it sounds like you were glutened. It could have been from the restaurant but do keep in mind that reactions can be delayed so it may have been CC from something you ate yesterday or even the day before.

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