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Can Sibo Cause Celiac Or Gluten Sensitivity?

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I haven't researched this yet, so there's possibly a connection, but just wondering if anyone knows if SIBO can predispose a person to developing a gluten sensitivity?

I've also read that a person can have asymptomatic Celiac Disease that is "stimulated" by some other condition (stress, or another GI issue, etc), so perhaps SIBO can do this?

My GI issues started, originally, with bacterial overgrowth (or a diagnosis of SIBO anyway). I feel that diagnosis was accurate because I responded dramatically to a course of rifaxmin (antibiotic commonly used to treat SIBO). Since the bacterial overgrowth I have not been the same... which of course resulted in an IBS diagnosis, which in turn is like having no diagnosis at all.

Thanks for any info...

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I think that yours may possibly be a chicken and egg-type question; i.e., does SIBO cause celiac or does celiac cause SIBO? Many celiacs also have/develop SIBO. I did a quick, cursory google and came across this on Wikipedia:

Certain patients are more predisposed to the development of bacterial overgrowth because of certain risk factors. These factors can be grouped into three categories: (1) disordered motility or movement of the small bowel or anatomical changes that lead to stasis, (2) disorders in the immune system and (3) conditions that cause more bacteria from the colon to enter the small bowel.[1]

Problems with motility may either be diffuse, or localized to particular areas. Diseases like scleroderma[6] and possibly celiac disease[7] cause diffuse slowing of the bowel, leading to increased bacterial concentrations. More commonly, the small bowel may have anatomical problems, such as out-pouchings known as diverticula that can cause bacteria to accumulate.[8]

Now, I am certainly not providing this as a definitive answer to your question, but I have always considered SIBO in this context, as caused by celiac rather than causing it.

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