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Ige Positive...where To Go From Here?

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I am slightly confused. But I have a call into my family doctor to redo testing for gluten allergy possibly celiac.

I tested positive for IgE, they wanted a 0.04 level, and mine was 0.08, but listed me as Class 0, which Class 0 and 0.08 according to most RAST listings online are both negative, but the paperwork I got clearly listed me as being abnormally high and having a gluten allergy.

So my question is...if you have an IgE could you also possibly have celiac, beyond just an allergy?

My aunt and several cousins can no longer have gluten, though I do not know if they have tested positive for celiac.

I am uninterested in undergoing a biopsy to see (I have a clotting disorder), and I am hoping I can just figure this all out through blood work.

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Did your doctor run a celiac panel (single blood draw) as well? The tests run would be:





total IgA

DGP (this one is now replacing AGA, it is more specific)

Here is my current understanding:

An IgE reaction is your immune reaction to gluten, where the body attacks the gluten itself. This is a histamine type reaction. Usually IgE reactions give symptoms like runny nose, hives, sinus pressure, swollen tongue, or anaphylaxis. Did they test for gluten or wheat in general? A person can be allergic to wheat but not to gluten, but if you are allergic to gluten you also would react to all other gluten containing grains.

Independent of that is a potential celiac issue. Celiac is a form of gluten intolerance which triggers an autoimmune reaction to gluten, where your body attacks the villi in your small intestine as a result to exposure to gluten. Another manifestation of celiac is Dermatitis Herpitiformus, which is a rash. The diagnostic tool for the rash is to test the clear skin next to the rash itself for the antibodies.

You can have an allergy, celiac, or another form of intolerance. You could also have them all.

In order to test for celiac you must be eating gluten, in consistent and large amounts. Since you have an allergy, you want to be avoiding gluten, however! So, if you have been eating gluten up until now you'll want to get in for your celiac panel ASAP!!! Otherwise you could get a false negative.

However, since the full treatment for celiac is strict avoidance of gluten, and the treatment for an allergy is also strict avoidance, you might be best off just avoiding gluten.

Good luck with your testing!

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I know this is an old post but hoping for some feedback. Every time i eat wheat, I get a horrible itchy rash.  Face mostly but hands and neck too.  Ige showed abnormal to wheat however, in low range 

celiac panels were negative. Also tested positive for severe nickel allergy. With nickel allergy, I should be able to eat white bread but when I ate pizza the other night... My

rash was horrible.  



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