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I need some advice about boys. Ok so about a month ago I went to a new church and a guy asked if he could sit by me, I said yes, since then we have gone to a lot of school functions together, but not really on a date (or at least I'm not sure if they were dates). Like we went to a bon fire and a dance and we always sit together at chruch and stuff. whenever I ask him to sit by me in other places he rolls his eyes and sits with me. we are always talking about going to the movies or going hiking some time but we haven't actually done either yet. I haven't told him I like him yet because he is transfering schools at the end of the semester which is in like a month. I really like him and i think he likes me too :) . This is my first real crush so i don't know how to procede, should i tell him I like him and then have him leave or not tell him. if i do tell him how do i tell him. ugg i wish he would tell me first :P

thanks for the advice


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If I were you I would just ask him to go somewhere with you. Maybe to the movies or dinner. I don't really know how old you are. When I was in high school the big thing was to go out for coffee. But then I'm in the Seattle area and coffee is a big thing here.

If you are too nervous to ask him to go with you alone you could invite some other friends of both sexes.

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