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Iga Deficient- Question

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My daughter, 14 months, had bloodwork done. My son is dx celiac (-BW, +ENDO), so we had her tested because she is showing so many of the same signs that he had. Her Immunoglobulin IgA came back low- the doctor says she has IgA deficiency...

What does this really mean? I mean, I understand it all, but as far as her life goes, do we need to be overly protective or overly cautious regarding her health? Just looking for thoughts and experiences for those of you who have dealt with it.

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Have you been googling/researching?


Interesting in this article particularly given your sons -BW, +ENDO :


An autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus,or celiac sprue may develop."

I'm not good on the technical/testing business but would I be right in assuming that your daughter may/could be in a similar situation with celiac related damage?

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If you aren't familiar with medscape be sure to read through the tabs : overview - presentation - ddx - workup - treatment - medication - followup.


see table 2. and paragraph above that table

From the little I've just read I would be getting to know this condition inside out. And you need to get more information/engage with the docs about it to.

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