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A Bread Maker

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Hey, so I recently my mom bought me a bread maker. I told her I wanted one with a gluten free cycle (which I know they have because my sis-in-law has one) but after talking to a friend of her's with celiacs and doing some research, my mom got me a zojirushi home bakery mini. It makes smaller loves of bread which would be good for just me. Now the instruction manual it came with has a recipe for gluten free brown rice bread. But I'm wondering if anyone else has used a bread maker to make so bread and what you guys use? Any other recipes would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Found this on the zojirushi site:

Butter mochi (cake with coconut) which coincidentally would be gluten free if your coconut was safe


Mochi are eaten for New Year's, so it would be seasonal :D

And gluten free raisin bread


Sorghum/rice bread for zoji


When testing out recipes I make very small breads in the microwave in a bowl first, checking out the ingredients in reduced proportions using a vinegar and baking soda rise. I then use an oven and make mostly mini loaves, because I have to do them very high protein and that works out better for me that way- I like breads, but I have to sort of control the amount I create because otherwise I could eat too many. :lol:

I like adding some amaranth to flour mixes, because it seems to be a mold retardant when the baked bread is stored in the refrigerator. I also use a lot of almond meal and grind my own in a blender. The higher protein gluten-free flours tend to do better in smaller loaf pans at lower temperatures than standard flour.

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