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The B.o.b In Grand Rapids, Mi

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My husband's corporate holiday party is to be held there this weekend. Since this would be an out of town visit for us, I checked out the restaurant's website to see if there was anything that I could eat. And, I was blown away! They have about 4 different restaurants in the same building, and about 90% of their menu items are followed, in red letters, with "This item is gluten free".

As an extra security, I called the catering manager there, and asked what was on the menu for the party, and she reviewed every item, letting me know what would be safe, and what to avoid. She also took my name, and promised to reserve a gluten-free dessert for me.

After three years, dining out still seems fraught with peril for me, as it does not appear that all restaurants take Celiac disease seriously. But, for the first time in a long time, I am actually looking forward to eating in a restaurant.

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I agree! I thought eating out was a thing of the past after the first time since diagnosis - we visited a restaurant and there wasn't anything on the menu my daughter could eat!

Now, I've found two pizza places, Olive Garden, and Applebee's all have gluten-free items on their menu.

I'm glad celiac disease is becoming so prevalent, for exactly the situation you are in. By the time my daughter is on her own socially, gluten free will be pretty normal!

Have fun at the party! What a good weekend to visit with the nice, mild weather.

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