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Brand New Yasmin Generic, Syeda

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Ok, guys. There is a new company producing generic Yasmin, called Syeda. I got my prescription filled and there it was. I thought I would contact the company and find out if it was gluten-free and post it here, but apparently this is easier said than done. I emailed them and recieved an email saying that they are only willing to provide gluten content information verbally because that's what their legal department is insisting upon. There's also a form-disclaimer at the bottom using vaguely threatening wording discouraging me from disclosing information contained in the email to anyone else. I tried calling them several times and had trouble getting through, and I finally left a message so that they could call me back. Someone called me back a day or two later right around noon and left a message, but I've been playing phone tag ever since. The whole thing seems really shady, and I'm thinking I might switch to another generic brand at my next refill, just because these people leave a bad taste in my mouth. If the company were to tell me that the product is gluten-free and I then got sick from it, I would have no way to prove that they lied.

Can anyone suggest another generic yasmin alternative?

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Oddly enough, I had the exact thing happen to me two days ago. I went to the drugstore to renew my prescription and got home and there was SYEDA. It's generic for Yasmin but I'm quite leary as well.

I've been on Ocella for about 2 years now and it's been great. The pharmacy couldn't tell me why they switched and if they'd switch back.

I'm going to see if I can find Ocella at another drugstore because I "think" I'm okay right now but I'm paranoid about this new generic drug.

Why change it if it's working just fine, right? :huh:


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