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How Common Are False Negatives

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I went Gluten free about 3-4 days before I had blood tests done. I was curious as to how likely (yes I know anything is possible) a false negative is.

I was tested for Gliadin AB IgG, DEAMIDATED with a level of 2.4

Here are some other related test results:



Immunoglobulin A at 200. (Not sure if this is relevant)

Thanks for any help.

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Those are definitely negative test results. It doesn't mean that gluten is not a problem for you -- it just means that you do not have celiac disease (at this point!). It is very common to be convinced you have celiac disease and yet test negative for it. Sometimes it will be because the disease is latent and has not yet manifested; sometimes it will be because your celiac is primarily neurological and is affecting your brain rather than your gut. Sometimes it will be that the results are just plain wrong. And sometimes it will be because you are gluten intolerant but not celiac. And it is also possible that something else is causing your symptoms.

The easiest way to find out if gluten is a problem for you is to quit eating it. Do not listen to a doctor who tells you categorically that gluten is not a problem and to go your merry gluten-eating way, that it's just IBS!!. At least give the gluten free diet a strict trial for three months before making up your mind that it is not gluten. You may be surprised :)

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