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Quinoa Help? :/

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Okay so I've been wanting to try quinoa for a long time and finally have the chance, my mom bought this:

http://www.amazon dot com/Roland-Quinoa-Black-Bean-5-46-Ounce/dp/B004M0VD00 (fix the dot)

I'm a super sensitive so even if something says gluten free I have to quadruple check it's 100% safe and other celiacs have had good experiences with it before I'll risk being bedridden and severely ill for 2 weeks. Well, this Roland brand quinoa I have looked up and searched for the past few days and cannot find anything online regarding peoples experiences with it and whether or not it is safe and free from CC etc. Does anyone know anything about roland brand quinoa? Or what brands are good if this one isn't? I really want to eat it but I do not want to get sick and have been burned so many times by products claiming to be gluten-free since I am sensitive to CC. Help please! :(

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