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Red Rash Ugh!

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I was waiting for my hand to heal from my last glutening and so I stopped eating eggs, thinking reducing my iodine intake might help!

Well my hand is healed...so I added back in eggs yesterday morning. I also switched back to my other shampoo since my scalp seems less burny feeling also. Thinking maybe my skin had calmed down.

Well now I have broken out from my chin down to the bottom of my neck in these small 'pimple' red looking bumps. They don't look like they are filled with fluid, like my hand 'looked'. They are very itchy/burning feeling, much like my hand, but they look different. From pictures I am not sure this is DH, especially since its on the front of my neck. So I don't think that I was glutened unknowingly.

Has anyone reacted seperately from eggs?

This is a fairly embarrasing looking rash. =( Its pretty noticeable. Ugh.

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What you describe can still be dh. It doesn't ALWAYS have fluid filled blisters. Especially after you've gone gluten free. Call it a sort of "milder" manifestation. BTW, I had those on my neck too & then they got worse & I got the blisters. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. As a matter of fact; I now have the rash on my neck with most places just presenting more like insect bites (still itch like mad) & I get about 1 per day on my neck which is an actual blister. Been gluten free (strict) since Nov. 24th.

Sorry to give you the rotten news but it's better than having blisters all over your neck. Here's hoping you don't get any!

You can still eat egg whites. The iodine is in the yolks. The protein is in the whites anyway. In the mornings I will take a portion of some hash browns I made a bunch up of out of the freezer & throw it in the frying pan along with a gluten-free sausage patty which I chop up. Then when all that is hot I pour an egg white over all of it & toss it around a while till the egg white is cooked. It's really tasty!

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