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Last night it dawned on me that I might have celiacs after finally realizing that looking like I am in my second trimester is not normal. I have had many symptoms over the years, but never put the pieces together that maybe they are all connected. I am 34 years old, otherwise healthy and fit. My primary symptoms are:

1. Bloating/upset stomach/gas

2. Constipation that has been going on for 7 years

3. Sleeplessness (wake up every hour)

4. Hip pain (not sure if this is from running or something else)

5. High bilirubin values

I went to a GI doctor about the constipation and had a colonoscopy. Two polyps were found; one pre-cancerous and one not. She told me to do things I am already doing; I eat very healthy, drink lots of water and exercise. She never once mentioned a gluten intolerance but the more I read about it the more I am becoming convinced that this is the core problem.

My questions are:

1. Do you think it sounds like I might have celiacs?

2. Would it be bad if I just go gluten-free without confirmation from my doctor?

Thank you!

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I would go for testing for Celiac and the auto-immune liver disease associated with it. It seems to be (IMO) a common issue to have abnormal liver tests with Celiac (especially undiagnosed).

You have to eat gluten for the testing. Make the appointment as soon as possible. Go through with the testing. If your tests show nothing, I would still try the gluten free diet.

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