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Interesting Place In Chinatown (Nyc)

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Went to an interesting place in NYC today. One of our party keeps Kosher and I'm gluten-free of course so we had to find a combo. Buddha Bodai is a 100% vegetarian and mostly vegan Chinese Restaurant right in the heart of Chinatown. They make their own fake meats using Wheat Gluten as a substitute for "pork" but tofu and mushrooms for "chicken". Surprisingly for a restaurant that lists menu many items literally WITH gluten, they have an great gluten-free menu. A few soups, apps and about 20 entrees.

I had the gluten-free chicken corn soup, cedar fried rice (very unusual but good flavor) and some rice/bean noodle thing with satay sauce and "chicken".

To see the gluten-free menu (slightly different than what I handed in person) click on the online ordering system. The menu link doesn't have their gluten-free menu.

Note that this place is not your typical Americanized Chinese restaurant. Expect to try some unusual dishes.


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I love this place too. It's one of the few places I can eat in Chinatown (the other notable place being "Hong Kong Station" on Bayard). The food is kind of heavy for my taste these days, but very much in line with traditional Cantonese Dim Sum. Besides the food, it's fun for the odd mix of people it attracts with its unusual menu - from pierced, nineteen-year old vegans to middle-aged tourists with gluten intolerances to orthodox Jews in traditional dress. So very New York!

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