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Allergy Recovery & Work

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Hey guys,

I'm gluten and soy intolerant. I have the gluten thing under control but recently I had soy and it stopped my routine completely. I'm very active, I work and go to school. I haven't been to work for the past 8 days because of muscle weakness and dizziness & fatigue becuase 8 days ago I unknowingly ingested soy. I'm slowly building myself back up. I am fortunate enough to have my mom as my boss so she knows what I am going through and has given me time off to recover.

My main concern is when I leave my job for a new career. It makes me nervous to think that if I accidentally get glutened or soyed @ my new job how am I going to deal with the recovery time & manage my job... It scares me that even though I'm a hard worker and smart that it can be ruined by an allergic reaction to gluten or soy.

I get embarrassed because I am very active and when this happens I have no energy and I'm very weak. It's just a 180 of what I am used to. Does anyone have any experience with this?

The best thing I can do is to be even more careful about what I ingest so that I don't ever get this bad again.

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