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I have been a diagnosed Celiac for 10 years but the last year or two I have been having stomach issues even to the point that my celiac is not healing. Yes, I have been on a strick diet. After just recently going through lots of tests (CT Scan and Endoscopy)my doctor could not figure out my problem soooo, I did my own research only to find out it was a blood pressure medication (which I don't take and feel better). Anyway, I just called my Congressman Tom Marino of the 10th Distric of PA and found out about this Bill HR4972. Right now, it is sitting in Committee and I asked for Mr. Marino to see what he could do about pushing it along. I think if we all get together and call our Congressmen that it would help a great deal. Just google your Congressman's name and call the office. I don't think they realize how many of us have this terrible disease. Also, I would like to thank Rep. Tom Ryan of Ohio for introducing the Bill. We need to stay on top of this Bill because we don't went it to die in the Committee. So lets get to work!! Thank you!

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