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Hi, new here looking for direction or support I guess.

In college (2000) I had many stomach issues and once had a stomach scope that showed inflammation, but nothing was Dx. A doctor suggested I go gluten free and I tried but did not feel better, however this was before the internet was huge and she didn't really explain what that meant to be gluten-free so looking back I know I really wasn't gluten-free. My stomach issues have improved significantly most likely due to eating better overall and not drinking to excess like I did in my early 20s, living the college life :rolleyes: .

I was then Dx with endometriosis in 2006. It has been in remission since I got pregnant with my first child in 2008, followed by my second in 2011.

I was just DX with Hashimoto's (sky high antibody and TSH levels, low Free T3 and T4) and have started thyroid replacement.

I was also tested for Celiac's - Gliandin AB IgA and IGG as well as Recticulin IGA AB - all negative.

Family history includes mother with Hashimoto's, Fibro, and CFS.

I have read some studies about a link between Hashimoto's and Celiac's which was why I requested the testing. I have also read about a link between endometriosis and wheat.

Do you think I could still benefit from a gluten-free diet? I don't feel awful, but I also tend to not notice how bad I feel until I feel better if that makes sense.

Thank you.

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Yes, it's hard to know what "good normal" is until "bad normal" is a thing of the past. I have two kids with Celiac and it's my turn to test...I had no real understanding of my symptoms until I went on a (nearly) gluten-free diet and then started gluten loading for my testing. On gluten I have lots of issues which I historically considered "normal."

Yes, going 100% gluten free for a significant amount of time (6+ months) and feeling better from that may help you decide your path.

However, before you go gluten-free, please make sure all the Celiac tests were done. (If you have no gluten in your system, you will not have a fair test result). I didn't see TTG listed as one of your tests for Celiac. It's highly specific and accurate for Celiac.

Good luck!

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