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Finally Got My Hands On The Test Results

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So my allergist gave me the results of the old test (one month of eating gluten) and redid the test today (two months of eating gluten).

Normal range on all: 0.00-15.00

Gliadin IgA: 13.30

Gliadin IgG: 8.78

tTg IgA: 4.82

tTg IgG: 1.13

I can't figure out a frame of reference. Does the presence of any of these antibodies signal a potential problem? Or are these fairly normal levels.

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All your tests are negative because they're <15.

It's very risky to compare values <15 because they are noisy, but what was your gliadin IgA after one month of consuming gluten? If the trend is increasing I might continue the challenge if I wasn't too sick.

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Right. Those are the tests from one month ago...I got retested today/referred to a gastroenterologist about a biopsy. So I should find out my new levels by the end of this week.

I've also been referred to a rheumatologist to try and figure out what else is wrong. I have a ton of other issues that are not resolved by gluten free living.

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