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Fail.... New Product Tryouts

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Needing to find replacement foods that are gluten-free, I'm sure we all run into hits and misses.

I report to you here today with a major fail.

Glutenfreeda Burrito's.

I thought I'd defrost it first, so that I don't have to micro it so long, hopefully saving the wrap.

It needed a minute in the micro to thoroughly heat it.

You'll need a fork. It doesn't stay together at all. Flavor wasn't bad, but again, for what we have to pay for these products of convenience our expectations are reasonably higher.

I got one of their pizza wraps too, but have a good feeling of what to expect now.

Live, Learn, enjoy the adventure!

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Yea they are a fork and knife burrito. I usually do mine from frozen in the oven wrapped in foil. I've done them in the microwave too if I am in a hurry but the oven is better.

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