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So I'm newly dx with gluten intolerance within the last year. The last two months my period has been late, but I'm not pregnant. I've seen on the forum others who have gone gluten free and then their periods become irregular. My question is should I do anything to help, like certain vitamins etc? And how long should I let this go before seeing a dr? And I guess what kind of dr should I see, my gastro since related to gluten?

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How do you feel about starting birth control just to make your periods regular? This might be TMI (sorry) but my doctor has me taking three months of birth control in a row before I get my cycle to help with my anemia which can get pretty bad. Its worked and I'm not as fatigued and my periods are always regular. I noticed that when I went gluten free, my period symptoms became much worse than before and there definitely was a change. I've seen several threads on here about how our periods can change when we start the gluten free diet, so you're not alone in this....best wishes!!

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