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Gi Appointment Today

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An update from last week. My 11 year old son, complaining of stomach aches for several months, to most of the year went to pediatrition last week. The only celiac test she did was Gliadin IGA antibody (deamidated peptide) with the result of 67 (<20). Got in to see GI today and he said this test is not reliable unless it is drawn with the tissue transglutiminase AB IGA and total IGA, which he will have drawn in a couple of days. So my question is, do you see many negative tTg levels with a positive gliadin IGA? and if the tTg is negative, can we pretty much rule out the celiac? I am assuming his total IGA will be within normal range since he had and elevated gliadin IGA to begin with. Any thoughts?? The GI was not very forthcoming. Thanks!!

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I'm anxious to hear what others say about this!

I had highly positive anti-gliadin iga but slightly negative ttg ab. This was after almost 4 weeks gluten-free, however, so me and my doc assumed that was why the negative ttg. He is satisfied to call it celiac anyway (for a long list of other reasons).

ps. Oh, but my overall IGA was also tested and normal, which gives the anti-gliadin iga test more value.

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