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Help! I Am Overwhelmed!

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Hi Lisa - As far as I know yes, I am very strict due to paranoia I was "gluten-ed" once and it was AWFUL!!! No thanks to that happening again. The only thing I can think of is eating chocolate, some cheese's, peppers or red meat. I usually stick to chicken or fish. This is very depressing. My husband and I have a gluten free home, he can eat what he wants for lunch while he's at work, but yes our kitchen is gluten free. I wonder if I should remove caffeine, sugar? Sometimes I wake up with a bad stomach. Where is that light at the end of the tunnel? :(

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LolaB, which by the way, is my mother's name. Lol! You have received so much wonderful advice. I have a complicated history with Celiac, but have returned to being gluten free around the new year. I was gluten free for over a year when I decided it would be "OK" for me to go back to gluten. Long story short, it wasn't "OK". :)

I have found eating a very bland diet can help my system calm down after getting glutened. I eat things like potaoes: boiled or otherwise, applesauce, rice, bananas and a lot of ginger ale. Doing this for a day or two helps me alot. Just thought this might help you, too.

I hope you find your wings soon and start feeling better about your diagnosis. :rolleyes:

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