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I have been lurking for a while and just joined today. I had horrible stomache pain off and on for years but it isially went away. Well this year after the birth of y second child my horrible stomache pain came back worse then ever. Went to my primary amd they ran blood work and said I had pancrititis and had to see a gi. If it wasnt my pancreas then it was probably a chronoc pain issue that I would just have to deal with the rest of my life. The gi was just as helpful to run a million tests and an endoscopy to tell me I have a sensitive stomach and to tale 80 mg of Omiperzole a day and anti depressents. I refised the antidepressents and would not accept its a chronic pain and all in my head. I went for accupuncture and she suggested I go off wheat simce I have a family history of Celiac. What a difference! I was pff the acid reducer in days and dont have horrid stomach pain, headaches, heart burn or bumps on my legs without gluten. Now I am having a hard time not being angry at all the invasive testing. I later found out I have a bad vitamin B, D, and Calcium deficiancy and that my high liver enzyimes where not due to fatty liver.

Thanks for all the info so far and I look forward to coping and learning as I heal.

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Welcome to the forum! :) Missed diagnosis is very common. Most celiacs in the USA don't know they have it. Stick around and learn with us. We are a very freindly group when we aren't getting over being glutened. :)

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