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Food Has Arrived

Entry posted by brendygirl · - 169 views

Got my order from celiac specialties. Xantham gum, graham cracker crumbs (I want to make a pie), powdered donuts, pumpernickel bread (first time I ordered this), and Dr.Schar's crackers (first time).

The pumpernickel is really good. Not as strong of a flavor as I remember the real kind from my gluten full days, but pretty good straight out of the bag. No toasting or thawing or anything required.

The donuts are good as usual. Haven't tried the crackers. May save them for my bday since I plan on having a wine and cheese (and dessert) gathering at my apartment for that.

The tacos I made for dinner tonight were bonissimo and I'm going to try to make the pumpkin cookie recipe now that I saw on this board. Going to make the frosting to go on them made from fluff and cr. cheese. THey were out of the Philly with brown sugar swirls, tho!

Food plans for the week: leftover tacos for several [b]dinners[/b] this week with steamed veg, edamame, and baked apples with maple syrup for dessert. [b]Lunches: [/b] Amy's soup and pumpernickel bread with a pumpkin cookie. Or if not too hungry, yogurt alone. Snacks: chocolate and trail mix (dried cranberries, peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut shavings, dried papaya, banana chips, and hazelnuts). [b]Breakfasts[/b]: Barbara's corn flakes that I add raisins to or yogurt and jasmine tea.



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